- Moto Jam Schedule -

March 23, 2019

Resort Opens 9a

Registration 9-12p

Practice 12-1p

Snow Drags 1p

KingofHill 4p

Awards 6p

After Party TBA


For information please contact:



                                              Moto Jam Rule Book

 Tops Production LLC.  is the licensed promoter of MotoJam Series. Rules and/or regulations set forth herein are designed to establish minimum acceptable requirements and to provide for the orderly conduct of racing events. Effective January 1, 2019 these rules and regulations will govern all MotoJam events. All attendees and racers willingly participating in these events are deemed to have read and agree to comply with these rules and regulations. No express or implied warranty of safety shall result from publication of or compliance with these rules and/or regulations. These rules and/or regulations are in no way a guarantee against injury or death to participants, spectators, or any person or persons. They are intended as guide for the conduct of the sport only.  

1: Off road racing is a hazardous sport, and with participation being voluntary, no entrant, pit crew member or vehicle sponsor shall have any claim for damages, expenses, lawsuits or otherwise against promoter, track operator, MotoJam officers, agents or directors arising from damage to any vehicle, personal injury or death, monetary loss of any kind whatsoever. Entrants, pit crew members or vehicle sponsors who voluntarily participate in any racing activities conduct under these rules waive any claim they may have against promoter, track operator, MotoJam officers, agents or directors. MotoJam shall have the authority to penalize, disqualify and/or suspend any entrant or crew member for the violation of these rules including special rulings. Motojam may issue special rulings to account for conditions presented by the location of the race, the condition of the course or any other circumstance. 
2: The director shall have the authority to penalize, disqualify and/or suspend any entrant or crew member for the violation of these rules including special rulings. MotoJam may issue special rulings to account for conditions presented by the location of the race, the condition of the course or any other circumstance. 
3: MotoJam assumes no responsibility whatsoever for delays, postponements and/or cancellations of all or part of an event because of inclement weather, unsafe course conditions and/or any other reason. MotoJam reserves the right to refuse and/or deny any entry application.  
4: Safety equipment and machine eligibility are the sole responsibility of the rider. 
5: Riders Drinking intoxicating beverages is strictly forbidden. The use of narcotics, is forbidden. Any entrant or crew member in an event that shows evidence whatsoever of being under the influence of any of the aforementioned shall be subject to fine.   
 6: MotoJam policies will be at the discretion of the promoter, whether written or not. MotoJam reserves the right to uphold rules and policies whether written or not. 
 1: Any entrant who fails to fully fill out and sign required entry forms and releases shall be disqualified and shall forfeit any prize money, points and contingencies won in that particular event. Entry forms and releases must be signed in person in front of MotoJam entry personnel. Identification may be required.
 2: No entrant may enter racing areas until they have signed all releases and/or entry forms. No person shall sign the release or entry forms for anyone other than himself or herself. Proper identification may be required (i.e., picture ID). 
3: The entry applications of persons under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian sign the release form. If a parent is sending their child with a legal guardian, they must use an minor release form. 
 4: Any entrant who competes on a vehicle that he/she is not registered to ride or permits such action, shall forfeit any and all prize money, points and contingencies won in that particular event. Such action may result in vehicle disqualification  

1: Helmets - Helmets must be DOT approved. Straps must have D-ring fasteners only. No snaps or Velcro will be permitted. The interior and exterior areas of the helmet must be free of defects.  MotoJam strongly recommends that entrants use helmets specifically designed for racing. 
2: Protective Clothing - Protective clothing accessories are required to include but not limited to gloves, race pants, race jersey, boots. 
3: Eye protection - Shatter resistant eye protection is required for all motorcycle/quad entrants competing.   

 Regulations apply to all classes unless otherwise noted in supplementary or specific class regulations. Modifications or optional equipment is not permitted unless the class requirements or safety regulations specifically state that it will be permitted. Specifications for safety equipment for Rider/vehicles that will compete under MotoJam rules is to provide reasonable protection to all entrants, pit crews, officials and spectators. MotoJam encourages all entrants to give full attention to safety requirements. Entrants must wear approved helmet, protective clothing, eye protection and safety equipment when operating a vehicle on the race course at any time.  
 A marked course is the official route designated by MotoJam, all vehicles must follow this route during the event. No vehicle may deviate from the marked course at any time. Short coursing is not permitted and will result in disqualification. Short coursing is defined as any deviation from the marked course resulting in either a time or position advantage.  All vehicles must proceed only in the correct direction of the course, riding backwards on the race course during class race is prohibited.  
 Riders must register for the race before riding their machine anywhere. At all times the rider assumes responsibility for the actions of their pit crew members, support crews, and all others associated with their organization. All pitting must be done in the designated pit area.  All entrants are responsible for cleaning the pit areas they use during the event.
1: IT IS THE ENTRANTS', RIDERS', OWNERS' AND SPONSORS' FULL RESONSIBILITY to insure their vehicle is in safe operation condition. MotoJam reserves the right to subject any vehicle to a technical inspection. In the event of a mechanical inspection, the rider will be responsible for removing or repairing the requested items to be inspected as directed. Failure to comply will result in disqualification of entrant and vehicle, and may result in suspension from future events.  

-Registration Info-

​- Holiday Mtn-

99 holday mtn rd

monticello NY

​Gate Fee $20

-Registration -

Main Lodge

​$40 per class

( $30 additional )

Plus Gate Fee

​- Gear Requirements -

​ Helmet / Eye Protection

Full Sleeve Jacket / Gloves

Full Length Pants / Boots


- Motorcycle Class Detail -

​​- King Of Hill -

( 1200 Snow hill climb )-

- 100% Harley Fuckin Davidson -

- Dirt Bike Modern ( 1980 later)-

-Dirt Bike Vintage ( 1979 earlier ) -

- Modify Modern -

- Modify Vintage -

- Stocker -

- Antique / Vintage -

- Hooligan -

- Adventure / Enduro -

- PRO $paid$


- Snow Drags -

( 600ft Hill Climb Drags )

​- Chopper -

- Adventure/enduro -

- Amateur -
​- Fresh Tracks:    beginner -

- Father Time:   50 Years n older -
- Miss Riding Hood:   Female -

- Vintage Twin / 501cc up -​

- Vintage Single / 500cc below -

- Mini / Pit Bike: 110cc under - 
- Antique :  1965 earlier / 751 cc up -

- Antique :  1965 earlier / 750cc below -

- Open Expert -
- 100% Harley Davidson -

- Pro: Full Pay Back -

- Sportster / Hooligan / Dyna -

- 0pen 450 -

- Dirt Bike Vintage:   1979 earlier -

- Dirt Bike Modern:   1980 later - 

- Quad open -

Due to new Insurance Policy

MotoJam is no longer allowed to race Trike Or UTV class and ALL riders must be 18 or older,

Sincerley MotoJam Team.